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The Russians Are Coming For Peace: PENTAGON ON ALERT!
Chapter Five: Vasili Arkhipov: The Man Who Prevented World War III

[December 15, 2017]

The Russians Are Coming For Peace: PENTAGON ON ALERT!
Chapter Four: Cuban Missile Crisis

[December 14, 2017]

The Russians Are Coming For Peace: PENTAGON ON ALERT!
Chapter Three: U.S. Subversion leads to Cuban Missile Crisis
[November 24, 2017]

The Russians Are Coming For Peace: PENTAGON ON ALERT!
Chapter Two: Bay of Pigs Invasion: Retake Cuba

[November 7, 2017]

The Russians Are Coming For Peace: PENTAGON ON ALERT!
Chapter One: Russia Sends Yuri Gagarin Around the World for Peace:
US Invades Cuba

[September 11, 2017]

[June 20, 2017]

Chelsea’s Freedom: A victory for world peace enabled by a warring president
[January 24, 2017]

Reflections on Fidel, Cuba, Internationalism and Tamils
[November 28, 2016]

USA Elections: A Revolutionary View
[October 31, 2016]

OBAMA sells human rights and weapons to former Asia enemies
[September 10, 2016]

Denmark: Return of the Vikings
[August 6, 2016]

Denmark: Rogue State
[August 2, 2016]

Denmark: Bernie Sanders for Prime Minister
[July 31, 2016]

Iceland, this is where bankers go to jail
[July 25, 2016]

Sweden-Finland-Norway Globalization Blues
[July 23, 2016]

Roots to social democracy/capitalism, socialism
[July 22, 2016]

Denmark: SOS Save Our Sovereignty
[July 20, 2916]

Proposals to Unite for Peace and the Environment
[April 1, 2016]

The Establishment took over Copenhagen Climate march
[November 30, 2015]

US-Cuba Policy Change: Score 11-1, US Wins
[December 20, 2014]

War and Peace, Spying and Transparency: Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival
[November 20, 2014]

13 Years of Permanent War: Unite Peace and Climate Movements
[October 17, 2014]

Tales of absurdities in our times
[September 28, 2014]

Worldwide demonstrations oppose corporate climate destruction
[September 22, 2014]

Snowden speaks to Niemoller
[September 5, 2014]

Crazy Gun Stuff from the US and Denmark
[August 30, 2014]

Human Chain across German-Polish border: Stop brown coal mining
[August 25, 2014]

Worker-owner cooperatives taking root in the US
[June 29, 2014]

OLIVER STONE’S TV version of US history is a must
[June 12, 2014]

Mass Media & Establishment Assist Fascism
[May 12, 2014]

India-Sri Lanka at odds over Tamil rights
[April 18, 2014]

Human Rights Council to investigate Sri Lanka for human rights abuse
[March 27, 2014]

Cuba to support Sri Lanka at UN over War Crimes
[March 2, 2014]

Sri Lanka under fire for war crimes at Human Rights Council
[March 1, 2014]

True Anti-imperialists Must Stand By Tamils
[February 5, 2014]

Sri Lanka Genocidaires Exchange Honors with Victim of Genocide, Palestine
[January 7, 2014]

Permanent Peoples Tribunal Verdict: Sri Lanka Commits Genocide against Tamils
[January 4, 2014]

Sri Lanka Gov. “War Criminal” Promoted by Cuba’s Prensa Latina
[December 31, 2013]

School of the Americas Watch 24TH Vigil
[November 26, 2013]

REVIEW: Left to Right, Decline of Communism in India
[October 24, 2013]

Stop Impunity for Genocide and Torture
[September 28, 2013]

July 26: Cuba’s Revolution, Morality, and Solidarity with Tamils
[July 8, 2013]

[May 16, 2013]

Can True Blue Democrats do what other progressives won’t?
[April 17, 2013]

Chavez’ Singular Legacy
[March 28, 2013]

Human Rights Council resolution on Sri Lanka crimes: More of the same nonsense causes huge protests
[March 21, 2013]

Obama: The Worst US President Ever
[March 9, 2013, updated December 2015]

Hugo Chávez: Victim of US Germ Warfare?
[March 8, 2013]

Born in the USA: Regimen of Permanent Wars
[December 23, 2012]

Sri Lanka to be tried for genocide against Tamils: How will Cuba and its allies respond?
[November 9, 2012]

Unite with Julian Assange
[June 21, 2012]

Cuba Hosted Sri Lanka War Criminal President
[June 20, 2012]

Sri Lanka War Crimes-Genocide with West Complicity:
an analysis

[May 25, 2012]

The Guilty Innocent, 9/11
[January 1, 2002]


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