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Mass Media & Establishment Assist Fascism
[May 12, 2014]

For the first time since World War 11, a Nazi organization (Denmark’s National Front/DNF) received official permission to hold a demonstration in the center of Copenhagen, on May 10. In fact, they were to demonstrate right in front of the state government and parliament building, Christiansborg Slot, thanks to the so-called “red” government and the police. But 10 minutes after the scheduled time of commencement, the police escorted them away from the government castle under assault by 300 to 400 Anti-fascist Action activists (AFA).

The DNF pretext to demonstrate for fascism was to oppose a proposed Muslim mosque. The 30 to 40 members of DNF were assisted by a dozen members of other small fascist groupings: Right Wings, Danish Defense League, and the infamous Denmark’s National Socialist Movement. The latter, DNSB, is a direct successor to the Danish DNSAP created in the 1930s as active goons of Hitler’s Nazis. They killed many anti-fascists during WW11.

The mass media assisted Nazi’s “right” to express themselves in public by not mentioning several important facts:
1) The very fact that anti-racist activists physically prevented that so-called right; 2) The fact that while the constitution (Grundlov) does allow freedom of expression it also prohibits public expression of racist generalizations of any given group of people (notably historically Jews and now Muslims); 3) The fact that whenever fascists gain significant ground they always use violence against people they do not like, including setting homes and businesses on fire and beating and murdering people; 4) The fact that the DNF and the DNSB are, in fact, fascists/Nazis—the media referred to them only as “ultra-rightists”.

The mass media neglected, as well, to point out in the context of fascist violence that the DNF sabotaged a train to prevent demonstrators from arriving at a demonstration opposing refugee camps that function like concentration camps. This occurred in 2008 and was reported by the major newspaper “Politiken” on October 27th as “right-wing sabotage of a local train”. Despite the fact that the Railroad company reported this to the police, no one was arrested even though the act was admitted to and glorified on the DNF website.

Most protestors of racism, fascism and imperialism’s wars oppose the use of self-defense or aggression against the perpetrators of such systematic violence by fascists and the “democratic” Establishment. They march peacefully, listen to music and hold speeches. Such was the case that day as well. The folksy group, Racism Free City, held a cozy demonstration of over 1000 people. They walked the short distance allowed by the police from one square to another and were prohibited from coming near the fascists.

One of Racism Free City speakers, a representative of a construction workers union, noted that this government granted the fascists permission to demonstrate due to the general Establishment shift to the right, and the passivity of the people generally. This drift has allowed Denmark to join its buddies in Washington in all its wars, and now not one party in parliament even opposes these wars, not the so-called People’s Socialists (SF) or the Unity Party (EL). In fact, they vote for the annual financial budget that includes funds for their wars.

On a personal note, I ask why the traditional communist or self-styled socialist or revolutionary parties and groups were mainly absent from both anti-racist actions. Only a handful was present at the Racism Free City demo and I doubt that any were with the AFA activists. We need to be there where the fascists come out if we wish to fulfill our politics, our vision. I am only sorry that I was not with the brave young people when they effectively kicked the fascists out of the public eye. Had I not had an asthma attack I would have been with the anti-fascist activists. They take the consequences (including arrests and police beatings) for being effective against fascism, preventing their small movement from acquiring greater outreach. Not even the fascists’ prepared speech was given. Thank you AFA.

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