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Assange Must Be Eliminated: His Autobiography Explains
[September 10, 2020]

During house arrest in England, Julian wrote “Julian Assange: The Unauthorised Autobiography”, which Canongate Books published September 2011. Two months later, I was in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India where New Century Book House (NCBH) has its offices. They had just published my book, “Tamil Nation in Sri Lanka”, in which I wrote about the genocide that was occurring in Sri Lanka against the Tamil people.

I can’t remember why but the publishers gave me Assange’s autobiography as a gift. It was personally touching. I identify with his morality and bravery, for his opposition to injustice no matter from whence it occurs, and that includes releasing documents showing crimes by any and all governments, including those the US/UK make as enemies. As an act of solidarity with him and Wikileaks as our main messenger of truth, I donated half my pension fund to his/their defense against the criminal rulers.

In “Tamil Nation in Sri Lanka”, I pointed out the sad reality that most of the world’s left-wing organizations, political parties, and governments, including my favorite government, Cuba, were ignoring the Tamil’s plight and/or supporting the Sinhalese governments. The main reason had to do with Sri Lanka being a member of the Non-Aligned Movement. Fidel Castro was a strong voice in this alliance, which started out on a progressive course.

Russia and China sent the genocidal government armaments, thus tangentially aligning with the USA, Zionist Israel, and much of Europe. Fortunately. Cuba did not commit the crime of providing weapons. My critique of Cuba and the left for their immoral support of Sinhalese governments’ mass murder and discrimination of all sorts led to some ostracism, something I have in common with anarchist Assange. So much of the left has let him rot in our common enemies’ cells.

Highlights from Julian Assange’s book

¤ Born in Australia of peace activist parents, his first word was “why”?

¤ Teenager Julian became a computer nerd and hacker in Melbourne of ruling institutions. He identified with the Levellers of the 17th century. Assange wrote that they “aimed to turn a backwater into a political frontline…Christopher Hill wrote of the possibility of ‘masterless men’, a population escaping lordship, who would become renegades or outlaws if need be.”

¤ Assange and fellow hackers saw themselves “as a group of young freedom fighters under fire from forces that just didn’t get what it was all about.” Their ethos “allowed me to think about how best to oppose the efforts of oppressive bodies—governments, corporations, surveillance agencies—to extract data from vulnerable individuals”, in order to protect the people “in the classic Tom Paine way of securing liberty as a bulwark against harm or aggression. We aimed to turn the tools of oppression into the instruments of liberty…I have a single goal, not a very original one but a definite goal to my life, which is to help in the creation of a more just society to live in.”

Living by that vision, Julian knew, “the messengers would be the first to be shot”.

¤ Julian Assange registered on October 4, 2006. He and associates had “activist experience and the will to disempower”. From then onward, the powerful rich and their politicians have hated and feared Assange and company. The early secret documents they released concerned African countries. Then came US’s military base in Guantanamo where they had brought kidnapped people from the Middle East and tortured them. Coming to Iceland, in 2009, he worked with journalists and activists to expose Iceland bankers’ corruption and swindling. One Iceland journalist-activist, Kristinn Hrafnsson, is Wikileaks current chief editor.

¤ Then came Chelsea Manning’s great contributions exposing war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq. Assange and team worked around the clock to produce a video, “Collateral Murder”, based on US Army helicopters’ ruthless shootings in a Baghdad suburb, on July 12, 2007. The US and allies had illegally and aggressively invaded Iraq in 2003, all based on a lie that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction. Even if they had some, which they didn’t so what? The invaders had them yet no one could even imagine invading them because of that.

Some Iraqis defended their country. On this aforementioned day, armed men were in the area where two Apache helicopters patrolled. What we see in this video, downloaded by Chelsea, is the indiscriminate and joyfully expressed slaying of a dozen civilians. Those murdered included two Reuters news staffers, and the wounding of two children.

These are extracts (pg. 186-9) of Julian’s description of preparing their publication, April 2010.

“I think my reputation for workaholism and infrequent bathing must have started there; it was unavoidable, with the amount we had to do, and the sense that this leak, above all, would change the public’s perception of a dreadful war and play a part in bringing that horrible invasion to an end.”

“Unchecked power is such an evil thing and I came to feel a large moral responsibility for exposing the bastards who did this. In a sense, the bastards were the US military, but also those elements of the media who had seen fit to join them in covering the thing up. The young men in the helicopter may be victims, too; victims of a brutal military culture gone out of control, and you can hear the eagerness in their voices to make a ‘kill’.”
Part of the blame lays in the contemporary digital game culture that is dehumanizing much of the human species.

“The video gives a massive insight into the merciless need for ‘contact’ that a war fosters in its participants. It looks and sounds like a computer game, and that’s because the morality of the attacking soldiers has been framed that way. They behave as if they are shooting at digital bogey-men.”

¤ I close with what Julian wrote, on page 140, about a hopefully “burgeoning” “psychology of decency”, something I believe all of us who oppose oppression and exploitation should adhere to:

“Every time we witness an injustice and do not act, we train our character to be passive in its presence and thereby lose all ability to defend ourselves and those we love. In a modern economy, it is impossible to seal oneself off from injustice…If we can only live once then let it be a daring adventure that draws on all our powers. Try as I may I cannot escape the sound of suffering.”

That is why The Establishment wants and needs to kill Julian Assange, our messenger. Once this key enemy of their powers and wealth is “eliminated”, The Establishment hopes to have doused any passion for justice in all journalists, and other truth-seeking voices.

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