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"Pentagon on High Alert as Russia Threatening Peace"
by John Rachel

[November 15, 2018]

Ron Ridenour's masterfully-written indictment of U.S. militarism and its savage imperial project is of such breathtaking scope and astonishing depth, it would be hard to exaggerate its value and timeliness as the foreign policy of the Empire of Chaos now as never before in recorded history steers the world towar apocalytic confrontation and puts the survival of the entire human race at risk.

Those readers still in the embrace of the most toxic pile of propaganda ever assembled by a world power, that America is a force of good, spreading democracy, defending human rights, standing with the oppressed and marginalized, should have medics in the room with them to apply emergency procedures as the truth pours off the pages of this book. Ridenour pulls no punches and with meticulous research and documentation, leaves little doubt that what is unfolding on these pages is nothing less than the savage truth about what actually happened over the course of over a century. We see brutal, barbaric, merciless application of military and economic power, with the clear and unambiguous goal of world domination — the U.S. as the ultimate empire blessed by God and history and the Fates, exempt from the rules of international law and judgment by anyone who would challenge it.

While the focus is Russia, this book covers a lot more ground, offering glimpses into many theaters of confrontation and conflict: China, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, of course the Middle East, as well as many countries in its more immediate sphere of influence, Central and South America. With its 800+ bases currently sprawling across the planet, we’re hard-pressed to find anywhere where the heavy foot of American power does not exercise its self-serving prerogative.

Those readers who already are familiar with the scope of U.S. hypocrisy, who understand that behind the smiley face of official beneficence and goodness lies an agenda that serves a ruling elite at the expense of the vast number of everyday citizens, both inside the U.S. and out, will still benefit enormously from this book. Much of it might constitute a refresher course, but I suspect many, myself included, will be pleasantly — or unpleasantly — rewarded with both factual knowledge and Ridenour’s fresh insights and analysis. It may be for such readers “preaching to the choir” but I’ve never heard a choir that didn’t need to be tuned up from time to time.

Ridenour quotes “The Naked Human”, a poem written by Gustav Munch-Petersen.

I am only a human
but I shall one day
raise earth’s mountains
and let them shake
in the ears of those who sleep

I am only a human
but I shall one day
take the sun down from heaven
and light up all the dark holes
with merciless white light

I am only a human
but I shall one day
steal the gods lightning
and sweep the earth clean of dust`

If I may do some metaphorical borrowing, I’d say that with “The Russian Peace Threat: Pentagon on Alert” Ron Ridenour has raised some mountains, taken the sun down from heaven, and stolen lightning from the gods. Let’s hope his exceptional scholarship and writing wakes up some people, lights up the dark holes, and sweeps away the dust. Our survival as a species depends on it.

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