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War criminal prime minister mandates election:
War is invisible in Denmark

[ Oct 25, 2007]

Denmark's prime minister and number one war criminal Anders Fogh Rasmussen mandated a parliamentary election yesterday, set for November 13. He seeks to unite the entire right-wing, now with the new bourgeois party, New Alliance, whose leader is the Uncle Tom Naser Kadar.

Denmark Radio's evening television news devoted 25 of its 30 minutes to election coverage. The themes for the campaign, for both the right-wing and the so-called left-wing opposition are:

1. Best welfare society offers
2. Tax relief or stop or not
3. Need to stop radical Muslims in Denmark

Not one word from any of the parties and their candidates, not even from the only declared socialist and anti-war parliamentarians from the Unity List (Enhedslisten), not one question from the journalists, about WAR.

No, the two wars which Denmark wages against completely innocent people in Afghanistan and Iraq that is not a worthy issue for any of them.

This is indecent, immoral, a shame for all the oppressed, exploited, the invaded, the tortured, the murdered and their families.

Denmark is co-guilty in the murder of upwards to three million Iraqis since it has supported US imperialism's war against Iraq since 1991, and against Afghanistan, and in between the war against Yugoslavians.

The dominating parties, Liberals and Conservatives, together with the most racist party, the so-called Danish People's Party, only have blood on their hands. And now, once again, the passive Unity List (with six of the parliament's 179 seats) is cheating its genuine progressive, anti-war voters by standing together with another war criminal party, the Social Democrats, who have always stood "shoulder to shoulder" with Bush's fascistic war policies.

And the media?They cheat the entire people by ignoring the most important matter of them all: live and death. While Danes are murdering people the media talks around it as though their lives have absolutely no meaning for the good Danish people.

But what followed the long election coverage on Denmark's state television? Three shorts about, in fact, the two wars. Major Anders Johan Storrud was being buried just as his prime minister was mandating an early election hoping to achieve his third term as chief war criminal, in partnership with Denmark's richest man and the world's largest shipper, A.P. Moeller, who makes much of his billions by supporting US-Danish wars.

That mercenary officer was killed by brave resistance fighters in Afghanistan a week ago. More than 30,000 Afghans have been murdered by Denmark and its allies. But their lives and Rasmussen-Moellers own major's life has no meaning for elections.

The television medium also told the tranquil listeners that Denmark was sending better tanks to protect their 650 soldiers in Afghanistan, and that the war for democracy in Iraq was continuing with about 100 Danish soldier technicians and instructors and their helicopters and other equipment, although there was no mention of the dozens of paramilitary troops/guards Denmark also employs alongside the US well paid mercenaries.

Nor was the voice of Lance Corporal Niels Kristian Brinth Nielsen (22) sent by the mass media. He was permanently paralyzed when wounded by liberation forces in Afghanistan, December 2, 2006. Brinth later told a Pentacostal magazine writer:

"I don't hate those who laid the mine. They are resistance people. I would do the same if I were on their side."

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