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Imperialism and bin Laden’s passing
[May 2, 2011]

THEY say he’s dead, that they killed him for justice yet they do not release photographs or any evidence of his death.

THEY say they buried him after Islam custom by dumping him in the open sea. But Islam says a body must be buried in the ground if the person did not die at sea.

THEY say a criminal suspect, even a terrorist, should be brought before a court.

THEY say, in Europe, they are against the death penalty.

THEY say he masterminded September 11.

THEY say he was terrorist number one.

THEY do not say that they are terrorist number one, having invaded or “intervened” in police actions and “humanitarian operations” 160 times in 66 countries—including twice in Libya—since World War II. Every military action has been an aggressive one without any government or army or political party attacking the United States of America.

THEY do not say that they created the Taliban in the beginning to help them fight the Soviet army. Nor do they say any longer that they created bin Laden's forces by arming and training them to fight against the Soviets.

THEY refuse to answer serious allegations that leading figures in the Bush government were in collaboration directly or indirectly with the actual terrorist actors on that day.

THEY refuse to produce evidence of the destruction on that day: bodies, aircraft parts and other debris; or to answer why THEY had no military aircraft to scramble against the hijacked aircraft, why they had no protection against an attack upon the Pentagon itself, or how such a supposedly large passenger airline could get through such a small hole in a wall, or…..

THEY say they fight for justice yet we read their own documents stating the contrary that they fight to maintain the dictators and other governments which aid them in remaining as the leading military power and key owner of the global resources.

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