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Tamil Nation in Sri Lanka, New Century Book House, Tamil Nadu, India, November 2011. English.

Sounds of Venezuela, impressionistic pieces published by New Century Book House, Tamil Nadu, India, November 2011. English and Tamil.

Cuba: Revolution in Action, collection of articles published by New Century Book House, Tamil Nadu, India, November 2010. Tamil.

Cuba at Sea, Socialist Resistance, London, May 2008.
Translated into Spanish as "Cuba en Altamar" though not yet published.

Cuba Beyond the Crossroads, Socialist Resistance, London, October 2006; 2nd expanded edition, April 2007.§

Kuba: ein "Yankee" berichtet, PapyRossa, Cologne, Germany, 1997 (German).

Cuba at the Crossroads, Infoservicios, Los Angeles, California, 1994.

Backfire: The CIA’s Biggest Burn, Editorial José Martí, Havana, 1991, (English) and Druckecknik Odenthal, Hamburg, Germany, 1994 (German).#

Yankee Sandinistas: Interviews with North Americans Living &Working in the new Nicaragua, Curbstone Press, Connecticut, USA, 1986.¤

§Theodore MacDonald wrote, "In Ron's case, it gives his writing the salty bite of authenticity in a Damon Runyon sort of way, but it is obvious that he regards the Cuban Revolution as a pearl of great price."
#Noam Chomsky wrote, "I found the material on your journalistic experiences particularly interesting..."
¤Graham Greene wrote, 8 September 1987: Yankee Sandinistas "I found excellent and your publishers if they want to can quote me. I have marked nearly a dozen passages as is my habit when I am enjoying a book."

¤Ernesto Cardenal wrote, 1986: "…mientras el gobierno de Estados Unidos hace una guerra más y más feroz contra nuestro pequeño país, norteamericanos y nicaragüenses se unen y se quieren más. Esto no había sucedido nunca en la historia. Este libro trata de esto, y por eso tiene una importancia histórica – y es además enternecedor.

¤Philip Agee wrote, 1986: "This book breaks through the cloud of atrocious lies...put forth daily to discredit and isolate the revolution. Northamericans can learn from this book...As a former volunteer coffee picker I say with pride that I'm a Yankee Sandinista too."

¤Noam Chomsky wrote, 1986: "The decent, courageous and honorable people who speak here express in their words and lives the values we profess to hold, but that our government has long been dedicated to destroy."

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