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Danish medical personnel join the warmongers
[ May 10, 2009]

Denmark is a major partner of United States’ imperialist “war on terror”, and not the peaceful and tolerant country, which has been its self-proclaimed image.

Perhaps because of this image, and maybe because of its small size, most international media coverage does not even mention the nation’s war-mongering role during this decade of actively engaging in the wars against the Middle East, nor in the previous decade of war against Serbia and the ongoing collaboration with the terrorist and drug-dealing political leadership of Kosovo.

It has just come to light in the Danish media, however, that the country’s war-mongering is not limited to its politicians and their compliant soldiers—or rather “mercenaries” because no Dane is ordered to fight. One must volunteer for the wars and for so doing receive up to triple the income of ordinary soldiers.

Danish doctors and nurses have become part of the occupying force and, like the mercenaries, decide who should live or die. These medical personnel care for the occupiers´ health, part of the “humanitarian” team accompanying the warriors. They serve the juggernauts as do the “rehabilitators” and “re-builders” under the occupying army, as revealed by the liberal capitalist daily, “Politiken”.

In an article written by Christian Hüttemeier, “Danish doctors break Geneve-Convention”, May 5, former Danish Red Cross’ general secretary, Jørgen Poulsen, said that current medical practice by Danish doctors and nurses in Afghanistan violates the convention, because they are deciding to stop treatment of wounded Afghans.

Poulsen cited article seven of the 1949 Geneva Convention, and protocol 11 (June 8, 1977) relating to the “protection of victims of non-international armed conflicts”:

“All the wounded, sick and shipwrecked, whether or not they have taken part in the armed conflict, shall be respected and protected.”

“In all circumstances they shall be treated humanely and shall receive to the fullest extent practicable and with the least possible delay, the medical care and attention required by their condition. There shall be no distinction among them founded on any grounds other than medical ones.”

Another Danish daily, "Jylland Posten", wrote, on May 5, that Christian Tollund, leader of the Danish medical personnel in a field hospital at Kandahar airbase, considered it necessary to, “sometimes stop treatment of wounded Afghans, even if their lives could be saved.”

This decision violates the Geneva Convention because the doctors make “distinctions” “founded on…grounds other than medical ones,” namely, that the country being ruined by the aggressor’s war does not have the material assistance needed to aid handicapped persons.

“There is not a social system and often no help for the wounded, and so we take the decision,” Tollund told "Jylland Posten". This newspaper had avidly supported the German Nazi occupation of Denmark (1940-45), and just as avidly supports the aggressive war against Muslims and Arabs in Iraq, Afghanistan, (and Serbia), and calls for military expansionism throughout the Middle East. It is this newspaper that contracted the disrespectful Mohammed cartoons.

Nothing is held back, however, in treating wounded Danish and other attacking soldiers. They are treated and returned home to social and medical welfare, and handicapped pensions for life, or returned to battle, to kill and maim more Afghan civilians and resistance fighters.

Danish Red Cross’ current leader, Anders Ladekarl, told “Politiken” that this practice is “wrong”, and added: “Part of the Danish program could also be to make it easier for handicapped in Afghanistan”.

So, first Denmark—shoulder to shoulder with the United States of Amerikkka—kills and wounds Afghans in its war of aggression, and then lets the wounded die—because it prioritizes expenditures for war and oil pipelines and not for health care and welfare.

We, of Frit Irak Blog, see this for the racism it is: one treatment for the white-skinned aggressors and another for the dark-skinned victims. It is the good ole Jim Crow all over again. The irony, and a tragedy in this, though, is that many of the aggressor soldiers are blacks from the United States and now their titular leader is also a dark-skinned man. Ole Uncle Tom is not gone.

We agree with the Afghan resistance fighters in characterizing all occupiers as criminal occupiers—be they doctors and nurses, or so-called “rehabilitators and re-builders” earning huge sums of money from civilian firms and NGOs, be they backed by so-called leftist Red and Green Alliance (Enhedslisten) or “Communist” parties or not.

These immoral “healers” follow in the footsteps of Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, who decided who should live and who should die in concentration camps Auschwitz-Birkenau.

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